Why the name Momo?

The name Momo Comes from a book for children that our mother used to read to us.

Momo Is an orphan girl of mysterious origin, who lives in an unnamed city that is invaded by the Gray Men who convince people, that they do not have much time to live. The purpose of Gray Men is to save all of people's time and keep it in the "Bank of Time", so that they can live longer. Livro Momo do Michael Ende

Gradually, the sinister influence of Gray Men affects the whole city: life becomes sterile, devoid of all things considered to waste time, such as social activities, fun, art, imagination, or Sleep .

In reality, the more time people save, the less time they have because they think that having time is having it accumulated, instead of using it, ending up just working and not enjoying life, with the promise of one day living these accumulated hours as they want.

Momo , Do not allow herself to be manipulated by the Grey Men and this special girl goes on an adventure to save humanity from living a gray life where leisure and Sleep Have no place and manages to give men time back.

Momo Is a metaphor for today, where we easily let ourselves be carried away by the obligations of life and work and forget to live the moments that really matter: being with whom we love, resting, laughing or To dream .

Momo Is for us a way of remembering why we created this project.

The Dias brothers, co-founders of Momo Cotton .