How to wash your Momo Sheets



Did you know that hot water cycles consume 75% more energy and are more likely to degrade fibers, as well as causing shrinkage to your pieces?

We recommend using cold water cycles whenever possible: You're saving money and extending the life of your clothes.

If you want to use hot water for antibacterial purposes, you can wash your Momo sheets at a maximum of 40º.


Do not use whiteners

If you have a stain on your items, wash it as quickly as possible. Bamboo is a fabric that absorbs quickly and for this reason, the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to remove.

Whiteners contain corrosive agents that, with prolonged use, can damage the fabric and make it more fragile and tear.

You can use chlorine-free bleach for stubborn stains: oxygenated or enzyme-based bleach is your best bet.


Whiten and remove stains

Add a little lemon juice or white vinegar to your regular wash cycle. Don't add too much - a quarter cup or less is enough. (Too much white vinegar can damage sheets).

For greater whitening, soak the sheets before washing them. Mix about a cup of baking soda with about a liter of water and let the sheets soak in the solution for at least half an hour.


In the machine

We recommend that you air dry your Momo sheets, however you can occasionally dry them in the dryer at a low temperature and on a very delicate cycle.


"Silk" temperature

If you let your sheets dry straight on the clothesline, they look like they've been ironed.

If you can't dry them properly, you can iron them at the minimum temperature corresponding to "silk".