Why are bamboo pillowcases the best choice for your skin?

Benefits for the skin

Certain tissues can cause irritation or inflammation of the hair while sleeping. Bamboo bedding is beneficial to your skin, making it one of the best bed fabrics.


A more hydrated and wrinkle-free skin, is it possible with bamboo pillowcases? It's true and it really works! Due to their rounded fibers and natural bamboo sap, these pillowcases are extremely silky to the touch on the face, not abrasive, promote the hydration of the skin so the skin does not get dry during the night, promoting the reduction of wrinkles on the face. Using a bamboo pad reduces the friction between your pillowcase and your face, which will have a positive impact on the elasticity of your skin, which will lead to less wrinkles, so bamboo has anti-aging properties. Bamboo is a temperature regulator, meaning it is less likely to sweat overnight, which in turn will keep your skin more hydrated. Bamboo is silky and smooth, so it prevents friction between the pillow case and the face, avoiding the creation of "sleep wrinkles" so that it wakes up with even smoother and smoother skin.


This fabric is considered the anti-acne fabric, as bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial soon helps to eliminate impurities from the face during sleep without dehydrating the skin. This is important because a dehydrated skin will produce additional fat, which promotes the appearance of acne. With the daily use of bamboo pillowcases, you will see a significant reduction of acne on the face.


Bamboo pillowcases are still hypoallergenic, which contributes to the reduction of allergies and allergic skin reactions and eczema. Bamboo fabric does not require any chemical treatment or pesticides to grow, which makes this fabric free of these harmful additives to the skin and makes it a natural and healthy choice for your skin.

Bamboo helps prevent infection, because it is resistant to bacteria A 2003 study conducted by the China Industrial Test Center (CTITC) showed that a 100% bamboo woven material eliminated about 99.8% of the bacteria it came into contact with within 24 hours. Bamboo is inhospitable to some allergens, meaning it is less likely to experience allergy symptoms that can often appear as bumps or hives.

Do not absorb the creams

Yet another surprising property of bamboo: this fabric does not absorb products and creams that we put on our face. In contrast to cotton, bamboo does not absorb any moisturizers or facial lotions it puts on at night. So you can put your night cream on your face, without worrying that your pillowcase will remove or absorb it. Products will be more likely to stay on your face, making them more effective at resolving skin conditions. In addition, your pillowcase will be clean longer.

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