Is spring synonymous with allergy? With Momo's bamboo sheets Cotton Not anymore!

Spring has come! Yuuupiii :) We were looking forward to the end of the cold and rain. But the arrival of spring may not be good news for everyone... Therefore it is, for those who suffer from allergies, the time has also come to put anti-stomachs and tissues by hand. But did you know it doesn't have to be like that? And that the solution can be in your room?

Allergies are often to mites, which settle on sheets, mattresses and pillow cases.

Dust Mites

These small insects, which are invisible to the naked eye, feed on skin cells and other organic matter. They also absorb the humidity of the atmosphere. Their dead bodies, along with their feces, accumulate in the household dust, emitting a cocktail of toxic proteins that cause allergies.

Allergies caused by mites vary in severity. A gentler allergy to mites typically consists of watery eyes, a dripping nose and sneezing. In more severe cases, prolonged and persistent sneezing, nasal congestion, cough, skin eczema and even severe asthma attacks may occur.

Hypoallergenic Bamboo Bedding

Fortunately for people suffering from dust mites allergies-and other allergies too-there is a hypoallergenic solution: bamboo sheets.

Bamboo sheets can significantly reduce allergic reactions.
First of all, they are extremely breathable. Bamboo sheets allow moisture and body steam to escape quickly. This reduces the availability of the humidity upon which the mites depend to survive soon mite populations are vastly reduced.

Bamboo bedding is also antibacterial. By reducing the humidity in the sheets, it also reduces mite populations and has the same inhibiting effect on bacterial growth. Great news for allergy sufferers.

In addition to mites and bacteria, allergic reactions can also be triggered by chemicals and aggressive dyes. These types of allergies often appear as respiratory or skin problems and can be avoided using bamboo sheets, as they are grown without the use of pesticides.

Say goodbye to your allergies

When you switch to bamboo sheets, you will feel a difference and you will feel more rested, knowing that your allergies will be much less likely to manifest. Mites and bacteria will be actively discouraged from sharing your bed and you don't need to worry about breathing harmful chemicals from your sheets.

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