Sheets for all seasons of the year

Have you ever wondered what season they are for, bamboo sheets, recommended? For the answer is simple and surprising! All.

One of the great advantages of bamboo fabric is temperature regulation-bamboo sheets are naturally temperature regulators, meaning they are designed to keep you comfortable whether you are warm or cold.

Are Bamboo Sheets Good for Winter?
The best bamboo sheets offer the thermal insulation you need to stay warm and comfortable on any cold winter night.

Winter can make comfort in our bed a challenge due to the cold temperatures. Materials like cotton or polyester, can actually let in the cold and keep you from staying warm enough to sleep.

Instead of sleeping with materials that don't keep you warm, you can switch to bamboo auto-thermal sheets.

How does bamboo keep you cool in summer and warm in winter? Let's explain why the bamboo sheets manage to cool the beds in the summer and can keep you warm in the winter.

lençóis de bambu rosa e verde

Micro-air capsules in bamboo bedding
Bamboo sheets stand out from cotton and polyester ones, because they have micro-capsules that hold small air pockets. It would be easy to assume that these air pockets work at a disadvantage and make it cold or damp when you slap with the bamboo sheets. However, it is the opposite, these bags improve the ventilation of the sheets and allow your skin to breathe in order to remain more comfortable during the night.

The micro-capsules in the bamboo sheets can especially benefit people who suffer from night sweat all year round, even in the coldest months of winter. The self-regulating temperature properties of bamboo sheets allow your skin to breathe well prevent it from being soaked in perspiration due to excessive sweating or feeling too hot when too much body heat is built up underneath the sheets.

Bamboo bedding insulates your skin
The micro-bags of bamboo bedding hold small air pockets that behave like a non-mobile layer of air around your body. These air pockets prevent heat from escaping through the sheets to keep warm. The body heat under the bamboo sheets is protected from the cold winter air outside the sheets by these small air pockets so that your body remains warm and insulated.

Air is a good heat insulator
The non-moving air acts as an insulator and protects you from low winter temperatures. This should not be confused with the cold wind that blows against your body and gives you the creeps. The cold wind feels cold because it constantly brings new air into contact with your skin.

However, when there is a non-mobile air layer that surrounds your body, it is protected from the cold that exists outside this layer.

Bamboo sheets: the only material that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer!
Thanks to the insulation provided by micro-air bags, 100% bamboo bedding is recommended for any season.

Together with many Other benefits , This sheets are a good investment as you do not need to change sheets depending on the temperature outside.

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